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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Hi! This section is here for you (user) to better understand how we (GoNerdify.com) collect, store, process and use your information. Since privacy and technology laws are constantly changing we may occasionally update our Privacy Policy section. The current version of our Privacy Policy was updated on May 25, 2020 and will apply to any use of Nerdify website, Mobile Application and services starting May 25, 2020 onwards. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any personal data that you share with third parties.


2. Collection of Information

Nerdify collects certain personal information such as your phone number or Facebook ID that are crucial for providing our services to you. If you decide not to share this information with us, you may still browse the website but you will not be able to receive access to our free and paid services.

We also collect, store, process, and use information you choose to provide to us directly; information we collect automatically; and information we receive from other sources.

2.1. Information you provide to us

When you fill in a form or communicate with us directly via your chosen channel of contact you may provide personal data that includes your email address, phone number, level of education, photos and other information that you choose to share with us.

2.2. Information we collect automatically

The following information about you is collected automatically when you use the website:

  • We collect information about your desktop or mobile device that you use to access the website such as device hardware model, operating system version, and screen resolution.
  • We collect log information such as your IP address, your browser version, the time, duration and frequency of your visits to the website, and pages you accessed during your visit;
  • We collect your location information when you get in touch with us;
  • We and third-party service providers collect information using cookies, pixes, and other tracking devices. Learn more about the types of cookies that we use in our Cookie Policy

2.3. Information we obtain from other sources

We collect information about you from third-party services such as social media websites if and only if you gave those third-party services your consent to share this information with us. When you choose to contact us via Facebook messenger, we receive your Facebook ID. It is vital for provision of our free and paid services to you.

2.4. Sensitive information

We do not collect sensitive information about you. We strongly encourage you not to share this kind of information with us. Sensitive information includes your race, ethnicity, gender, your health and medical records, your philosophical and religious beliefs and your political opinion. If you choose to share this information with other website users, Nerdify is not responsible for it.

2.5. Children online privacy protection

Nerdify is not intended for usage by individuals under eighteen (18) years of age. We will not intentionally collect, store and use information about such individuals.

2.6. Nerdify Mobile Application Log Data

We want to inform you that whenever you use Nerdify Mobile Application, in a case of an error in the app we collect data and information (through third party products) on your phone called Log Data. This Log Data may include information such as your device Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, device name, operating system version, the configuration of the app when utilizing our Service, the time and date of your use of the Service, and other statistics. close

3. Use of information

We use the information about you to improve, operate and protect Nerdify, to communicate with you and provide you with our paid and free services.

Data obtained through the Short Code program or other Maessages program will not be shared with any third-parties for their marketing reasons/purposes.

3.1. Using your data for Platform operation

We use your information to improve, operate and protect Nerdify:

  • To improve website or Mobile Application performance;
  • To process transactions;
  • To develop new products and services;
  • To monitor and analyze your activity to create the best experience for all website users;
  • To detect, prevent and investigate fraud;
  • To prevent abuse of the website and to stop activities that are illegal or violate our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other policies;
  • To protect rights and safety of all website users;
  • To conduct statistical analysis and perform other administrative tasks.

3.2. Using your data for communicating with you

We use information about you to communicate with you:

  • To provide customer service and technical support;
  • To respond to your questions;
  • To provide you with news and updates;
  • To conduct surveys;
  • To send you technical updates and alerts.

3.3. Advertising and other uses

We use information about you for advertising purposes:

  • To provide you with personalized content and website features;
  • To promote content that may be relevant to you.

3.4. Legal basis for processing your information

We legally collect and use information about you. The legal basis for data collection and usage depends on the context in which we obtain your data.

  • The legal basis for collecting your phone number and / or Facebook ID is that this data is vital for providing you with access to free and paid website features;
  • We need to collect and process information about you when we need to comply with legal requirements such as fraud prevention, improving network and database security;
  • We process information about when we need to respond to your communication and improve your experience with the website;
  • We are legally obliged to collect information about you to protect your interests and interests and privacy of other website users.

4. Sharing of information

We share information about you to our third-party service providers and to authorities to comply with legal obligations and to protect our legal rights and property. We transfer your information to other countries for the same objectives.

4.1. Information sharing with service providers

We use third-party services to operate and improve the website. These services help us process our payments, send emails, send text messages, host our data, manage our ads, and provide technical support. We directly authorize these services to use information about you for their intended purposes and we make sure that its usage does not go beyond our authorization.

4.2. Transfer of information to other countries

We might need to transfer information about you to other countries. These countries may have data protection regulation laws that are different from the one you reside in. We have implemented data protection measures that apply to such transfers to ensure compliance with the requirements of this Privacy Policy.

4.3. Information sharing for security reasons

We store your information safely and securely and ensure that it is safeguarded against unauthorized usage. Our employees underwent training with regards to this and other data protection policies. Our employees have different levels of access to your information and we make sure that only those individuals that have appropriate access levels are authorized to use your data. In addition, we continuously check our hardware and software for potential vulnerabilities.


5. Your choices and data rights

Your data rights include:

  • The right to review and change your information. You can review the information we have about you, amend it or request us to delete it by contacting us at privacy@gonerdify.com.
  • The right to restricted processing of your information. If you want us to exclude you from segmentation for communication and other purposes or if you decide that you do not want us to otherwise process your information, contact us at privacy@gonerdify.com.
  • The right to transfer your information. If you want to download all the information you provided to us, contact us at privacy@gonerdify.com and we will send you a data file.
  • The right to opt-out of marketing communications. You can unsubscribe from our emails by clicking the unsubscribe link in them or by contacting us directly at privacy@gonerdify.com.
  • The right to withdraw your consent to information processing at any point in time.
  • The right to complain to your local Data Protection Authority (DPA) about our usage of your data.

You may choose to opt out of our usage of cookies and other tracking beams. Consult our Cookie Policy to learn how you can limit our usage of cookies.


6. Contact information


Headquarters: 1401 Brickell Ave, Miami FL 33131

Contact email: done@gonerdify.com

Data Protection Officer

James Smith

email: privacy@gonerdify.com

address: 1401 Brickell Ave, Miami FL 33131, United States