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How does it all work?

It's easier than you think! Simply message us, and our automated algorithm will match you with the best-fit freelance Nerd to handle your request

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    Step 1

    Contact us and share what you need help with

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    Step 2

    Our platform matches you with the best-fit freelance Nerd who has the most relevant expertise to help with your request

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    Step 3

    Get a quote based on the amount of hours a freelancer will spend working on your request or purchases he makes for you

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    Step 4

    Make a prepayment. This money is safe with us and will be released to the Nerd once your request is completed

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    Step 5

    Interact with your Nerd

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    Step 6

    Enjoy instant professional assistance

Here's exactly how to use Nerdify

How can Nerdify help?
We can help you with anything as long as it’s legal and doesn’t violate any college or corporate policies. See our Honor Code to learn more.
Who are the Nerds?
Nerds are freelance students and alumni from top US and other world's best universities who can help you
with various tasks. All of them have successfully passed Nerdify examination process, proven their competence, and agreed
to follow our Honor Code.
Meet Top Nerds Become a Nerd

How do you guys generate prices?

It's free to get in touch with us. You pay only for the time the Nerd spends working on your task and any additional purchases they make for you, such as books. Our 11% fee is already included in the price.


What are the guarantees?

All our clients deserve to get the best Nerdify experience! We have 100% money back guarantee in case you think the Nerd we have found didn't meet your initial requirements. For more information please look at our Terms of Use

  • John

    Johnclinton, US

    Amazing service!

    Pure magic, nothing to add. They will always help when you need them. Thanks to Nerdify I have some time to sleep!

  • Alex

    Alex san francisco, US

    Very personalised touch

    Its really reassuring to find a company that can still preserve a very personalised touch of their services. And the reply time is like just 2 minutes. How do they do that?

  • Jane Coyle

    Jane Coyleomaha, US

    Simple, fast and reliable!

    These guys are always helpful! And it's super-convenient to get in touch with them - simple texting. What I like more is that they always understand everything well and it takes me seconds to explain everything. And they're really nice nerdifriends.

  • Katie

    Katiela, US

    Easy, quick and professional service

    I love that I always can text them and there will be a real person answering in a few minutes. It is like talking to a friend, who is smart and willing to help. Thank you nerds, you saved me many times!

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we will help!

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